Transmogrify is building an ecosystem where all the industries can have everything; they need to implement the Digital Transformation processes.

The Transmogrify Connect - A community platform focused on Digital Transformation

What makes this network successful is an array of experts in our industries, fellow alumni from MBA schools, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and those willing to lend a helping hand. By opening our network, we embody the essence of why Transmogrify Connect was created – to share the knowledge on Digital Transformation and present the leaders with a new perspective on how they can transform their department, organization, or community by leveraging the best of technologies.

Why should
you join?

Great place for Networking
Webinars on digital products and offerings
Weekly/Bi-weekly meetups on various DT topics
Take advantage of 16-week Sprint consulting

We encourage members of all industriesto participate in the Transmogrify Connect network, whether you are looking for connections or for a general discussion on Digital Transformation topics

How Can You Help the Community?

Leveraging Hiring Platform

The Transmogrify team has launched our Telegram Channel with the sole purpose of focusing on immediate Paid Internships and job postings. The goal is to reach as many students and newcomers as possible to help them evolve into the career where they want to go.

Why, as the senior Industry leader, should you support Students?

Why should students and job seekers join?