Transmogrify: Most often, when an idea has the potential to turn into a business opportunity, gathering the right expertise becomes the next step. However, teams that get hired tend to only serve solutions based on the problems that appear on the surface. Every business has challenges yet to be tracked, which is what Transmogrify can successfully identify.

We evaluate and determine the areas where there is more room for improvement. Transmogrify was formed in 2015 to evaluate and determine these very areas for improvement. Our belief is in finding a dedicated solution for your business, whatever technology it takes.

We believe that rather than fitting a technology to fix a problem, we work to transform, inspire and create synergies that shape your entire IT ecosystem. 

IT consultation for startups

Whatever you require, we provide the expertise based on in-depth industry knowledge. We’ll steer the ship on your behalf. Therefore, we help start-ups in the incubation stage and global behemoths create fast and efficient bespoke Digitally transformational solutions that solve their real-world problems. 


We aim to transform your ideas and vision into reality and help build the next Unicorn Startup. Our purpose is to ensure that your startup business grows with a robust foundation of IT ecosystems.
Interim CTO services for startups


We envision Transmogrify becoming the world’s only renowned and authentic company, inspiring non-tech founders to build a tech startup.


We envision Transmogrify becoming the world’s only renowned and authentic company, inspiring non-tech founders to build a tech startup.



Tech stack and cloud setup for startups

Since its inception, Transmogrify has assisted businesses in identifying strategy gaps. It has invested in premium open technologies and provided key insights to drive digital strategy.

Transmogrify has built a team of digital transformation consultants to develop the best DX framework for businesses. Their journey has entailed understanding operating models, followed by matching them with best industry practices.
Over the years, the company has diligently improved customer experience by effectively implementing digital transformation technologies.
Transmogrify is one of Canada’s leading digital transformation companies. It has a thorough understanding of various business models and can assist your company in overgrowing, improving operational efficiency, and maturing digitally. Our digital transformation consultants will help you reduce costs, create new ways of organizing processes, improve security, and increase revenue. Allow our expertise to augment your digital transformation efforts.


Our Founder and CEO, Hiren Patel has driven innovation and passion to its highest peak since 2015. He has worked tirelessly to establish a platform that identifies the gaps that most startup businesses are unable to track.

Hiren Patel has over 13 years of experience in the industry. He graduated in IT Engineering and earned a Master’s degree in Executive MBA from Kellogg’s School of Management (One of the top 10 business schools in the world).

Before establishing Transmogrify, Hiren worked with Start-up that started with an idea and turned into a 20 million USD company. With proven entrepreneurial experience, he helped many other companies hire and manage teams overseas and deliver results.

With his experience and knowledge gained over the years, Hiren aims to provide ease to businesses through technology and innovation.

hiren patel
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