IT ecosystem for startups

Creating a competitive route to help you reach your milestones

We work with STARTUPS to track these tricky
gaps and build the entire IT ECOSYSTEM

Several non-tech startups have incredible ideas but struggle with the lack of IT expertise. As technology plays an integral role for any startup in today’s day and age, IT consultation and services become all the more significant. To make sure that your startup idea stands the test of time, Transmogrify is here to transform your ideas magically and build your business from the ground up.

Get Product and Technology Advisory – FREE for the first 3 Years
Plan and execute Product Development and Infrastructural setup
Partner with our Interim CTO for
Tech-related decisions
Avail funding resources
Affordable Tech Resources
Implement strategic ideas


At Transmogrify, we do not charge for advisory or Interim CTO, but take a small portion of your company Equity, depending on the stage of business.

Tech stack and cloud setup for startups

IT Advisory

Transform your Company’s IT Strategy
We’ll gather all your inputs and business ideation as your advisory board for building your startup. We’ll articulate your company’s needs and challenges, assess solutions and chalk out a roadmap to meet your business goals.

Interim CTO

Accelerating your Startup towards Results
We’ll partner with you to offer our services as Interim CTO. Our team of specialists will bridge the gap of expertise and knowledge that is typically unavailable in the early stages of business. We’ll help replace redundant practices with consistent and scalable practices, and improve turnaround times for product development.

IT Consulting and Resources

Supporting IT initiatives from strategizing to implementation
We will journey with you, hand-in-hand to align technology strategies with your business processes. We’ll assess your IT needs, formulate systems to implement them and use emerging technologies to meet customer experience.
Go-to-market strategies for startups

Partnering with Transmogrify

Your Business Goals, Our Expertise.
We fuel the momentum for an improved, scaled-up, and transformed startup.

Why Us?

Tech solutions for non-tech startups

We are committed to transmogrifying your business

Transmogrify is geared with an IT professional team of more than 15 years of experience. We’ve implemented IT solutions with extensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem. If you are looking for dedicated resources, we can back you up! However, there’s so much more you need in order to scale up your company within record time. This is why we’re here to map out your route to success.

Alumni Benefits

Networks supported by Transmogrify

We offer special benefits to the following groups.

Agile project delivery for startups
Funding resources for startups
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